SwedBank Casinos

Swedbank, also known as Bank Link, is a bank transfer service that allows safe and rapid online payments for residents of Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It is one of the favourite online payment options for residents of the above mentioned countries, as SwedBank is a secure and safe payment system for online shopping, for example depositing your money into a casino that accepts Swedbank AB.

How to use Bank Link

Firstly, in order to make payments with Swedbank, you need to open a Swedbank Bank Link account. For detailed information on how to open an account, you can simply visit their official website. It is very simple to make a transaction to a casino avec Bank Link ab, all you have to do is to go to casinos accepting Swedbank you are registered with and select Swedbank as your payment option. Once you introduce the amount you want to deposit, you will be redirected to the Swedbank website. No casinos have access to your personal and financial information, all details are secure and not shared with any third parties.

Please note that there is a small fee for making deposits.

Advantages of SwedBank

  • real-time transfers.
  • 100% secure and advanced Internet payment system.
  • SwedBank payment can be used for online gambling from a mobile device.
  • no-hidden fees.