Boleto Bancario Casinos

Boleto Bancário is a banking option that was founded in 2000 and allows online payments in a secure and convenient way being available for residents of Brazil. Boleto Bancário affiliated with EBANX with the purpose of providing services to international customers and it is also designed to serve international online merchants who want to receive payments from Brazilian residents. All customers need a Brazilian bank account and a tax number in order to use this payment system. Boleto has become one of the preferred online payment solutions among Brazilian gamblers and it is accepted by most online casinos. If you do not have a credit card or you want to avoid using a credit card, then Boleto Bancário is the answer!

The vast majority of online gambling sites accept Boleto Bancário deposits and most of them offer special bonus for using Boleto. It is important to note that Boleto cannot be used to withdraw winnings from an online casino and there are certain fees for using the service.

Boleto Bancário Benefits

  • no personal and banking information is required
  • multi-currency support
  • secure and reliable transactions
  • there is no need of a credit card or bank account
  • it is absolutely confidential
  • it is easy to use

How to use Boleto Bancário

Firstly, go on the gambling site you want to play and click on 'Cashier', then select Boleto Bancário as a payment option and you will have to fill in a form providing your name, address, phone number, fiscal number and the amount you would like to deposit. Once you provide all the information required,a receipt will be issued for you- it is a pre-completed banking slip. Using a pre-filled bank slip generated online, any Brazilian player can simply print it and pay using cash at any bank branch or post office in Brazil and then the payment will be added to the player's casino account. If you opt for an easier option without having to physically get out, you can simple make the payment through your online banking account.

There are limits for depositing with Boleto Bancário: a minimum of 10 USD and a maximum of 3000 USD per transaction apply.