iBANQ Casinos

iBANQ is a secure, fast and convenient online payment method that can be used worldwide for making transfers and withdrawals. i-BANQ is a web-based International eCommerce payment issued by a Japanese company based in Tokyo and designed with gamblers in mind. iBANQ has been created with the main purpose to facilitate the process of transferring funds to online casino accounts offering secure and real-time transactions.

Benefits of i-BANQ:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • simple to use
  • high level of security
  • total confidentiality - no need to share your details with any online gambling sites
  • focused on gambling sector

How to use iBANQ

It is free of charge to open an iBANQ account, all you need to do is to click Join Now and go through the process, what's a simple and fast one. All payments can be done through different banks from the whole world and in case you are a Rakuten Bank account holder, you can send money in real-time and any time of the day as it operates 24 hours a day. A huge advantage is that iBANQ can be used for transferring funds, as well as for withdrawing your winnings, so now you do not have to worry to look for a different option to withdraw your winnings.

All i-BANQ customers benefit of a high level of security protected by SSL encryption ensuring its clients that all data is kept private and integral.