SafetyPay Casinos

Launched in 2007, SafetyPay, also known as SafetyPay Express and SafetyPay Local Banking, is a real-time worldwide online payment option that allows clients to make online deposits using their local bank account, in their local currency. SafetyPay is one of the most secure depositing option for funding your online casino account, as the customers do not disclose any of their financial information to any third party. SafetyPay is available in Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Nicaragua, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, and etc.

The Benefits of SafetyPay

  • multi-currency support
  • no registration required
  • no credit or debit cards required
  • your financial information is secure and not shared with any third party
  • a secure, quick and easy-to-use payment option
  • small commission rate fee
  • multi-language support
  • low cost
  • shop all over the world paying with your local currency

How to use SafetyPay

SafetyPay Express is a simple and easy to use payment method, it requires no registration and no credit card. All you need is to be an online banking customer of one of the banks that support SafetyPay. The list of the banks that support SafetyPay can be found on the official website, and the number of the banks is growing as the number of demands and clients is increasing. The SafetyPay service is free of charge, unless you make an overseas deposit and also when you wish to pay in your local currency, there is a small commission charged. To start gambling with SafetyPay, go to your online casino, select SafetyPay as a payment option and you will be redirected to your online banking account and transfer the amount you want to. It couldn't be easier, no signing up required and there is no need to open an account in order to use SafetyPay on different gambling sites.