Paste and Pay Casinos

About PasteandPay

Pasteandpay, known also as EZ Voucher, is an online prepaid voucher which can safely be used to deposit into your casino account without sharing your credit card details with the casino. Paste and Pay can be used anywhere in the world and EZ-Vouchers are mostly used by USA to make a deposit at a gambling site.

Please note that vouchers expire 14 days after you buying them and this depositing option is not used as a withdrawal method.

How does Pasteandpay work?

It is a simple process that requires registering a PasteandPay account, buying a voucher and redeeming it as payment at online casinos where Paste and Pay is accepted. The registration is free of charge and there are no monthly or annual fees. All you have to do is to sign up for an account and to prove your identity, by providing your passport number or Social security number. In order to register a Pasteandpay account, you need a valid mobile phone number, as you will get a verification code to gain access to your account.

Once you've finished the registration process, you will need to register your credit card, what is completely safe and this is done for security reasons. The supported payments by pasteandpay are: Visa and Master Card.

The last part is buying the voucher that comes with a 4-digit number. You can choose your own value voucher and it will be sent to your email or mobile phone and you can easily redeem it at the gambling online sites of your choice where PasteandPay is accepted.

PasteandPay or EZ-Voucher Advantages:

  • no additional fees
  • an easy-to-use depositing method
  • the funds are available immediately
  • there are set limits for players to spend- without the risk of overspending
  • personal data and credit card details are safeand secure, as PasteandPay comply with the Card Association regulation and your card number is not recorded by PasteandPay
  • you keep your credit/debit card number secure as you do not share your details with the casino