AGMO Casinos

AGMO is a safe, reliable and fast online payment method which allows its customers to choose from several payment systems: Mobile Payments, instant Bank payments, eLink and Card payments.

Agmo depositing method is available for residents of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and it has become a popular method of depositing funds to AGMO ebanking online casinos. It is also used as a withdrawal solution where the processing time varies from 2 to 4 business days.

All in all, AGMO is certainly a good option for players of the above mentioned countries, as it offers a variety of payment systems to satisfy all AGMO customers, depending on their needs and wishes. Let's have a look at the options available and you decide the one that suits you the best!

How AGMO works

Depending on the payment system you choose to fund your online casino account, the process will differ.

For instance, if you opt for the ePayment option of funding your gambling account, then it works as a simple bank transfer where AGMO acts as a facilitator between your bank and online casino, providing secure transactions with low fees involved and the transaction is done through internet banking. AGMO is supported by most of the Czech Republic’s leading banks, such as: Raiffeissen Bank, Komercni Bank, GE Money Bank, Volksbank, UniCredit Bank, etc.

As mentioned above, there are also other options available, such as: Mobile Payments, known as Premium SMS, as well. The operation is done through your mobile phone where the customer sends an SMS to a special code. It is important to note that there are high fees involved for this type of payment and they depend on the operator's regulation.

Online payment by card is another option offered by AGMO, that comes with the benefits of low fees and quick and comfortable payments. AGMo offers a single contract for the payment without concluding particular agreements with the bank.

eLink is the another payment option offered by AGMO that has become widely used on AGMO eLink online gambling sites for online transactions. It is actually an email prompt to payment by bank transfer with an immediate confirmation of the payment. The main advantages are: low fees, instant information about the payment and easy to use.

It is your turn now to decide which one to pick and go ahead without hesitation, it is certainly a good choice and you can enjoy gambling hassle-free, secure and not having to share your details with any gambling sites!