Online Casinos that accept Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are like any credit or debit cards with the difference that you can only spend the funds that you have loaded on it. Prepaid cards do not provide customers with a credit and they are not linked to a bank account and have no overdraft facilities. There are different types of prepaid cards: gift cards (amazon, MST prepaid,etc.), reloadable cards (Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Maestro, MasterCard, etc.) and non-reloadable cards (vouchers such as: uKash, AstroPay Card, PaySafeCard, etc.) that share the same advantage of being safe and convenient. Most of online casinos that accept regular credit or debit cards will accept a prepaid card that bears the brand of the card they accept. For instance, the cardholder of a prepaid card with a MasterCard logo on it can use the prepaid card at any online casino that accepts MasterCard.

Casino Prepaid card is a good option for the U.S. gamblers and it has become one of the favourite casino payment method among Americans as it is hassle free and least complicated way to fund casino accounts without sharing any personal details.

How to Deposit at Online Casino Using a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards can be bought with cash or any credit or debit cards and then used on most online casino sites, they act like cash in online deposits.

Since we have got different types of prepaid cards, each of them functions its own way, some of them work just like credit cards and will see the funds transfer instantly, whereas others need a bit of time before the transfer is visible in the casino account.

However, the process of making the transfer is basically the same: once you have got a prepaid card, log into your online gambling account and use your card the same way you would use your credit or debit card. Using this payment method is absolutely safe and confidential, the customers do not have to share their financial information with the gambling website. Various prepaid cards come in different denominations and currencies depending on the brand you choose but certainly all of them offer anonymity to gamblers.

Prepaid Cards in Online Gambling - Pros and Cons

One of the biggest benefits of using prepaid cards is that they provide absolute anonymity as no personal information is necessary to be provided on the gambling sites. Despite the level of anonymity, they provide a high level of security and can be used internationally, the number of prepaid card online casinos grow every day. As it is mentioned above, this method of depositing money in a casino account is very convenient and one of the best option for American players without having to worry about funding their accounts. It is important to mention that not all prepaid cards provide anonymity, some of them might ask for personal details, so that it is relevant to inform yourself before choosing a prepaid card to deposit money into a casino account.

Because there are so many types of prepaid cards, the rules vary depending on the company, especially when it comes to fees. Some of them might have annual fees, transaction fees, charges for issuing the card, etc., make sure you inform yourself beforehand so that you will not have unexpected surprises on the way. The good thing about it is that most of casinos that accept prepaid cards will offer different types of bonuses so that the money you spent for transactions come back to you at the end.