Abaqoos Casinos

Abaqoos is an online payment option that works like an e-wallet, providing secure and hassle-free service to casino players mainly from Hungary and it operates with Hungarian banks only. Abaqoos voucher can be used to transfer funds to your online casino account without paying any fees, the process of depositing money to your Abaqoos casino is for free. There is only a small fee for withdrawing funds from Abaqoos.

In regard to security, Abaqoos ensures safe and secure paymentents without revealing your personal and financial information. There is no limit with Abaqoos voucher, you can transfer the amount you want to.

How Abaqoos works

It is very simple to use Abaqoos, firstly you need to sign up at the Abaqoos website, then you will get a blank voucher you can transfer money to. The Abaqoos voucher can be recharged by making a bank transfer, over the phone or by cash deposit, and as mentioned above, with no limits in regard to the amount of money you want to transfer. A big advantage is that there are no fees for getting a voucher, transfering money to and from the voucher.

The speed of crediting your voucher depends on a few factors: cash at a bank branch or bank tranfer, weekend or working days, whether you a customer of the banks listed on the official website or you tranfer from any other banks. All in all, the process of crediting your Abaqoos voucher can take from 5 minutes up to a day or two.

Why to use Abaqoos

There are plenty of reasons why to use Abaqoos:

  • safe and convenient payment solution;
  • no fees for getting the voucher and for transfers;
  • your voucher has no expiration time;
  • funds can be spent in several installments;
  • a confidential deposit method ( players don't have to share their personal and financial details while depositing)
  • simple to use;
  • it can be used for depositing and withdrawing your money;
  • no limits for the amount of funds to be transferred, you can transfer as much or as little as you wish;

It is relevant to note that no credit cards are accepted to credit you Abaqoos voucher. Further information on Abaqoos you can find on the official website.